“A leader needs to be born a leader” – If this statement is true, then equally true is the fact that the leadership needs to be culminated simultaneously with a lot of hard work, hardships and will power. India is riddles with thousands of “political leaders” – but how many of them are actually “public leaders”? Shri Pramod Hindurao is one of the latter.

Shri Hindurao took up political as well social reforms through the same viewpoint. His sole mindset has always been one that worked for the betterment of the general public. This is what has earned him many accolades both among his political peers as well as the people. Beginning his political career amidst humble beginnings in the year 1981, Shri Hindurao, today is the chairman of CIDCO. This path was chock-full of hardships and obstacles. But how can a born leader lose?

In the year 1981, being appointed as the chairman of the Thane District wing of NSUI in Birla College was the foundation stone of his political career. In the year 1983 all the way through 1991 – he was the General Secretary of Maharashtra State NSUI. This is when he showcased his political prowess and leadership skills.

Amidst this time, he got elected as a Sanchalak in the Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Kalyan. For a person with his roots from a famer’s family, this was a big deal. For the period of 1991 to 1998, he was the chairman of the Thane District Youth Congress Committee. Again, in the period of 1994 to 1998, he was the speaker for the Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Kalyan. Under the esteemed guidance of his mentor, Shri Sharad Paward Saheb, following his principles and guidance, Shri Hindurao paved the path for a lot of public work all through his career, while at the same time making a mark for himself as a politician.

In the period of 1997 to 2007, his work at the Thane Zilla Parisad was highly celebrated. His relationship with the Nationalist Congress Party and the Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Kalyan strengthened further. This was what molded him further as a senior politician. While working with the Zilla Parishad, he successfully established himself as a person with immaculate leadership skills while working on various positions in multiple communities. As a result of which, the Nationalist Congress Party appointed him as the General Secretary for the Maharashtra State – a position which he is successfully fulfilling to this day.

From the period of 2009 to 2011, he worked successfully in the education and the finance departments of the Thane Zilla Parishad. From 2011, he has been working as the Chairman of CIDCO. He has been working really hard towards the development and progress of Navi Mumbai. He has always believes in getting people together and this mantra is what has been in place over at Navi Mumbai too.

While being successful at the above mentioned posts, Shri Hindurao has undertaken a lot of activities in the District for the people as well. He organized and executed Student Fairs, Youth Fairs and Education Fairs. He has worked towards getting the youth of the district able employments. He also established Mahila Bachat Gats and helped establish a small scale industry for the ladies of the District. The institution of Mahila Bachat Gats, thereby propelling the development of women in the district has been one of the foremost goals of Shri Hindurao.

In order to get a working railway system that passes through the Taluka of Murbad, he has approached the government and is working towards a formidable solution. He has also worked to get seeds and fertilizers to the farming community at discounted pricing. While working with the health department of the Zilla Parishad, he ensured that many health-care centers were opened as well as a health care teams established. He also ensured that many villages were connected to the main city through roads. A fund of Rs. 18 crore was made available for the cause of providing health services to adivasi and people from the lower economic strata in the district, while at the same time he also organized more than 375 medical camps to help poor and needy people of the district.

Through Saibaba Gramvikas Pratisthan, Nhave Sasane, medical camps were organized especially eye camps in which more than 1150 poor and needy patients were operated and spects were donated. On the occasions of birthdays of respected Mr. Sharadchandraji Pawar and Mr. Ajitdada Pawar, free text books, note books and school bags were distributed, an act of honour that’s being carried out since the last 20 years.

Shri Pramod Hindurao’s Political Achievements


Chairman - City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO)


Vice-Chairmant - Thane Zilla Parishad (Education and Finance Departments)


Member - Thane Zilla Planning Committee


General Secretary - Maharashtra State Nationalist Congress Party (Still Working)


Speaker - Agriculture Produce Market Committee


Secretary - Maharashtra State Nationalist Congress Party


Chairman - Thane District Youth Congress Committee


Speaker - Agriculture, Cattle and Dugdhashala Committee of Thane Zilla Parishad


Member - Thane Zilla Parishad


Speaker - Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Kalyan


Chairman - Thane District Youth Congress Committee


Speaker - Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Kalyan


Chairman - Manivli Seva Sahakari Sanstha Limited. Taluka - Kalyan

1981 - 1983

Chairman - NSUI (Thane District)


Birla College General Secretary NSUI