DSC_0081“When you were born, you cried while the world smiled. Live your life so at the end, your’re the one who is smiling and everyone else is crying.”

Inspired by this sentence, I made a conscious decision of making a mark on the world. While working in Birla College, as worked with and for the student body – this was when I realized their problems. I realized the flaws of the education system and so I decided to help the youth through the medium of NSUI. As I established the Priyajan Yuvak Mandal, this work was further encouraged. And this gave me a direction as to how to approach the problems in our society. Since I come from a humble farmer’s family, I was already aware of the problems faced by the farmer’s community. Owing to this, I approached my mentor Shri Sharad Pawarji –Farming and Agriculture minister and with his help I undertook various developmental activities for farmers.

All these developments weren’t limited to the district of Murbad. As our country progresses, we all should participate in this progress. I always have sustained this viewpoint. My work in Thane and Navi Mumbai’s development has been initiated and I assure you, this will always be a work in Progress. I believe that an education makes a man self-sufficient and this is why I wish to undertake a lot of activities pertaining to this through the Priyajan Vikas Mandal. Along with this, I wish to increase the number of Mahila Bachat Gats to over 1000, so as to ensure that women in Thane district are financially self-sufficient.

My appointment as the chairperson of CIDCO has been the biggest responsibility handed over to me up till now. In a city like Mumbai, a lot of people with a lot different dreams arrive everyday. But the space limitations have always troubled the locals. So getting beautiful houses made available to them at very reasonable prices is my goal. Along with this, my developmental activities with the Priyajan Vikas Mandal and the Nationalist Congress party shall continue.

Serving the society is a non-stop endeavor. This is the reason why I believe in continuous struggle for the society’s betterment. I believe that the society’s foundation have been laid down by our ancestors and it’s development and progress will always have my support. This is the biggest mission of my life. And this work shall always remain in progress.